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How to find Projects and Tenders on METenders.com

Finding Projects & Tenders at METenders.com is real simple and easy. Once you’ve created the profile on the site, you can log in to view the projects matching your profile. Advanced search option can be used to view more specific projects. The project related information available at the website can easily be exported to excel or emailed to a colleague. This quick video tutorial has been created to provide all the guidance needed to search projects and tenders on METenders.com. Comprehending the need and demand of this emerging powerful asset, metenders.com has compiled a new video transcription with the step-by-step illustration of using their website without creating any confusion.

Once you’re logged in on metenders.com with your username and password (you can also log-in on the website with a new username, if you’re still not signed up on the website), you’ll be redirected to a page with lots of useful information for the new and upcoming tenders and projects in Middle-east Countries. You can also click on different highlighted options, such as Project Intelligence OR Tender Announcement Search, View More New Projects, View More New Tenders or Useful Links: New option which will let you get further details on various tenders and projects.  Selecting the right platform to look for the available tenders can help you streamline procurement and gives you the options to bid online, which eventually save a lot of your time and efforts.