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Discover the Best Business Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Are you searching for the best business opportunities in Saudi Arabia? Though, Saudi Arabia is well-known for having 20% of best oil reserves in the world with excellent revenue flow, the ‘Vision 2030’ is aiming to raise non-oil revenue to US$ 160 billion by 2020. Based on 3 themes: “A Vibrant Society”, “A Thriving Economy”, and “An Ambitious Nation”, this vision will set the stage for better economic fortune. Thus, a large number of business opportunities are emerging in Saudi Arabia. Tenders in Saudi Arabia and Intelligence reports on its Projects, seems fruitful in whole of Middle East.

The construction industry in Saudi Arabia is expecting a great boom in the coming year. Under Vision 2030, various reforms will have an impact on the construction industry and several business opportunities will grow in this sector. Tourism sector, the second biggest contributor to the kingdom’s economy, will be given a strong focus that in turn will expected to aid sectors such as aviation and hospitality. The vision is to enhance the number of foreign Umrah visitors’ annual capacity to 15 million by 2020 and 30 million by 2030. Various other reforms in the fields including renewable energy, subsidies, health care services, retail, housing, logistics, entertainment, privatization and more will help make Saudi Arabia a worldwide economic powerhouse and lead the kingdom to superior fortune.

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